Peggy Beagle, 2009. / Photo courtesy Carol Falcetta,

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Troy Beagle and Jewel

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        During my life I have paired an early love for animals and a strong desire to learn. I have delved into training both horses and dogs in specialized applications. Over the years I have sought to learn more about how these animals think and learn—how they feel about survival—how nature (genetics) & nurture (environment) come together to shape behavior.
        I grew up riding various horses. Our family generally had only one dog at a time. My first formal-type dog obedience class opened my mind as to the value of basic training. Awarded a trophy for "Most Improved" in 1988 spurred me to help friends with their dogs.
        My family (husband, Troy, and two children) moved to Fairbanks (Alaska) from Texas in 1989. I finished a Taekwondo black belt (ITF) and a Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA). I also completed a degree in hazardous materials. I learned to ski and joined the Moose Mountain Ski patrol.  I joined the North Star Volunteer Fire Dept. and Borough HazMat Team.
        I continued to learn and train dogs in basic obedience. Through the Tanana Valley Kennel Club (the farthest north AKC) I learned about grooming, agility, tracking, and advanced utility exercises.  I joined the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and began teaching classes.
       After the infamous death of Joe Vogler, I joined PAWS and  WSAR. I delved in various search-related types of training including wilderness search, building search, avalanche (Whistler, BC), accelerants, explosives, and cadaver. Within six weeks I successfully trained four dogs and tested two in an annual accelerant test at Auburn University, Alabama. I worked with insurance companies and fire departments on scene, after structure fires.
        In 2001 we purchased the property at 3580 Van Horn Road. I immediately moved my appaloosa horse, Leo, from Roger Burggraf's to our new home. As an empty nester, my nirvana was a dog, a horse, a horse trailer, and the great outdoors. I began to get to know folks in the local horse community including those in 4-H, Interior Horse Council, Parelli Horsemanship, North Range Riders Mounted Shooting, and various other disciplines. In 2007 I helped take ten horses to the Brooks Range, and spent two and a half months wrangling and cooking.
        I have worked with Janet Brown, Trina Anderson, Victoria Michael, Candace O'Connor, Mike Stredney, and many other good community-minded folks to build the Fairbanks Dog Park located in the Borough's South Davis Park. In 2010 we oversaw the illumination of a beautiful and functional park.
        A good portion of my time has always gone into building and improving this Van Horn property. I put in a sand arena which has been delightfully useful for both dog and horse activities. As time has continued to fly, I have put more time into improvements that economically sustain my love-habit for animals. Troy's progressive Alzheimer's disease has caused me to focus on making this habit a viable training/boarding business.
        Meeting and working with many dogs and their people have given me the opportunity to continue learning, growing and sharing.

                                                                                                  —Peggy Beagle, February 2011


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