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Local links:

Fairbanks Dog Park — The local off-leash dog park in Fairbanks

The Northern Horse — News, classified ads, and photos

American Kennel Club — Online home of the AKC. Great resource on all things dog.

Tanana Valley Kennel Club — Local chapter of the AKC. Events listings and much more!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association A fun and fast growing equestrian sport!

Alyeska Canine Trainers (ACT): Alyeska Canine Trainers is an all volunteer, non-profit

organization started in 1986, by a group of dedicated dog enthusiasts

Golden Retriever Rescue: Dog rescue organization focusing on Golden Retrievers

Homeward Bound: Rescue organization help dogs find forever homes

Loving Companions: Rescue organization helping unwanted and abandoned pets

Second Chance League: Rescue organizations finding permanent homes for sled dogs

Fairbanks Retriever Club: The oldest established retriever club in Alaska.

Interior Freight Dog Association: Let your dog experience weight pulling!

Alaska Dog Mushers Association: A sprint mushing race and education association


A few of my favorite suppliers: (800-642-2050) (800-738-3343) (888-364-6242) (715-235-8868) (800-776-2665)

I am a member of the organizations below:

ABC: Animal Behavior College

APDT: Assoc of Pet Dog Trainers


A few "outside" links: Dog adopting near you! Find your nearby cruelty society, dog pound at Tails of the City in Seattle Downtown dogs in San Jose Paws Place in Morgan Hill, San Jose


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