Dog, Rabbit, Cat --we board them all!


Jacki and Harley on the agility course


Britt and Chica

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Daycare  •  Boarding  •  Grooming  • Training   •  Coaching  •  Special Animal Boarding


ABC K-9 and Equine offers the following services. We are open 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM, by appointment only. We provide just the right environment for your pets. Pet care is comfortable and as stress free as possible.  We ask that you provide:

     —Regular medications    —Your own food     Shot records


Daycare (dog)

Our daycare services are defined as a limited stays of less than 24hrs. Dogs are exercised, socialized, basic training encouraged, and basic grooming performed.  Weather conditions and temperature dictate indoor & outdoor play.



Our boarding services are defined as extended stays of greater than 24hrs. Animals are regularly exercised and socialized.  Weather conditions and temperature dictate indoor & outdoor play. On day of pick-up animals are provided with basic grooming services.



    —Basic Grooming

This classification covers the basic bath, brushing, cleaning of teeth & ears, and trimming of nails.  A quick spray of coat conditioner gives your pet that “fresh from the spa” scent.

    —Advanced Grooming

This classification covers animals that need specific cuts/trim, care, or who require more treatment to address specific issues.



Our training services cover the group sessions which work on specific training elements.  Larger group sessions are offered in the summer (May 1st  - Oct 1st) with smaller groups during the winter months.


These classes cover the basics of dog training & are geared toward Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exercises.  The classes are not divided into “puppy training” and “adult training” as their specific training requirements are generally similar. No aggressive dogs are allowed in this class.


These classes cover more obedience skills, tracking, agility, fun nose work, and more advanced performance. This training is geared toward dedicated owners willing to put in the time to help their pets be their best. No aggressive dogs are allowed in this class.


These classes are offered to the training of service animals, search work, & aggression or misc. difficult issues.



Coaching Services are offered on a one-on-one & small group basis. Sessions can cover any of the topics listed in the training section or be tailored to suit specific client needs.


Special Animal Boarding

We provide boarding services for specialty animals including cats, rodents, birds, and other critters.


At this time we are not able to provide boarding for horses, however, click here to sign up to receive an alert when equine boarding becomes available.


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